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Volunteer Application

We appreciate your willingness to help a Shar Pei in need. Our top areas of need are foster homes, help with home visits, and transports from one state to another. One of our current volunteers will help with training you on procedures for all volunteer roles. The information submitted on this application will be used for the purpose of evaluating potential foster homes and volunteers. Once we receive your application you will be contacted by a member of Peis and Strays.


Street Address:  

City:   State:    Zip:  

Home Phone:  

Email Address:  

Are you over 18 years of age?       Yes       No

How did you hear about Peis and Strays?

Please list the names and ages of all family members living in your household:

Please list all animals currently in your home (name, breed, gender, age):

Are you involved in any particular activities with your animals?

Have you been involved in other rescue efforts? If yes, which volunteer groups were they and may we contact them for references.

Please indicate what your would be interested in doing to help homeless Shar Pei:     
I am Interested in Doing Home Visits. I am Interested in Fostering.
I am Interested in Transporting. I am Interested in Fund Raising.
I am Interested in being a Shelter Contact.

How far are you willing to travel from your home to evaluate potential adoptive homes, evaluate dogs in shelters or help in transporting a dog?

If you are interested in fostering, do you understand that the amount of time a dog remains in foster care can vary -- from a few weeks to several months? Is this ok?

If there is more than one adult in the home, are all adults in favor of participating in the rescue effort?
     Yes       No       Unsure

Please list your veterinarian's name, address and phone number, as we will contact them for a reference.

Are your other animals' vaccinations up-to-date?

Are you willing to transport our foster animals to their medical appointments, and do follow up care in your home?

Do you RENT or OWN your home?     Own       Rent

Please indicate the type of residence (e.g., rent apartment townhouse; own home, condo, trailer, etc.)   

If renting, do you have the landlord's permission to care for a dog?
     Yes       No       Unsure

Do you have a fenced yard? Yes       No

Type of fencing (height, wood, chain link, etc.) and size of fenced area:

If other or none, please indicate how you will exercise the dog in a safe and controlled manner.

Are you willing to allow a rescuer to complete a home visit by appointment?
     Yes       No

If you are interested in transporting, are there particular cities that you typically drive to on a routine basis?

Can you provide a dog with an overnight stay if necessary?

Do You Have Any Additional Comments?

By submitting this application I am indicating that all of the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge. Any false information will disqualify me from becoming a rescue volunteer. (Peis and Strays reserves the right to refuse any applicant.)


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